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Craft Storage Boxes

If you enjoy crafts, or if you have ever considered finding a new place to house your crafts, then you have probably considered buying craft storage boxes. However, what you probably didn’t know that there are a lot of different variables involved in buying these types of storage containers.

You can buy them in a lot of different shapes and styles, and they can come in many different materials. Actually, there are so many different variations available, that your imagination is really the only limit when it comes to buying these storage solutions. There are, however, a few things to consider when shopping for a craft storage box.

First of all, you need to consider the size. Do you have a lot of things to store? If so, then you might need a pretty big craft storage box, especially if you have long pieces of wood or a lot of cloth that you need to store. Things like these take up a lot of room, so you need to make sure that your craft storage box is of a sufficient size to store them.

You might even consider buying two boxes. One that is larger to hold all of those bigger, space using items, and one to hold smaller, finer things....like buttons, pins, snaps, etc. Some people even move beyond a box, and buy craft storage furniture or cabinets.


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The craft storage box, or boxes, that you choose could be made from several different kinds of material. There is plastic, wood, or even cardboard. Plastic containers might be less expensive, but they also limit you in terms of personalization. Some people really like to personalize their boxes, and if you like to do this than you will probably find that wooden boxes are better for this sort of thing. You can paint them, glue things to them, or even write things on them.


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Of course, you can usually label plastic craft storage boxes to an extent as well, especially if you use a sharpie marker or some tape and a pen. Cardboard can serve either purpose, though remember that cardboard is not as sturdy as wood or plastic. Also, it is not very water resistant. Plastic will offer you the most water protection, with wood being second in this area.


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As far as price goes, you can expect to fork over a lot more money for a wood craft storage box than you will for any other kind. Plastic is usually pretty cheap, especially if you find a good deal on it. Cardboard is really cheap, possibly even free. But then again, with craft storage containers like this, you sort of get what you pay for. Plastic is probably the one exception to this. You can find plastic boxes for little cost, and they can last you a long time.



Just remember to keep size in mind, as this is the biggest consideration to make when buying craft storage boxes. If your boxes are too small, they are not going to fit all your craft supplies. But if they are too big, it is hard to carry them while traveling to craft shows or other places like this.


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